Opthalmic Gel

Opthalmic Gel

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Opthalmic Gel


Itchy, burning eyes can really put you out of commission, so youre eager to rinse them. Your pets cant use human eye drops, which is where Vetericyn Opthalmic Gel comes in. These pet eye drops relieve itchy, burning eyes for your allergy ridden pets. Is something in their eyes Vetericyn Opthalmic Gel is there to provide simple first aid to relieve your favorite four legged family members.


  • Kills bacteria in 30 seconds
  • Safe pH neutral formula is steroid - free, antibiotic - free, non - toxic and non - irritating
  • Used to treat irritated eyes: providing relief from burning, stinging, itching, pollutants and other foreign materials


  • Application: Eye Drops
  • Size: 3 oz
  • Quantity: 1