Foodi NeverStick Premium Set PossiblePot

Foodi NeverStick Premium Set PossiblePot

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Foodi NeverStick Premium Set PossiblePot


Meet the Ninja Foodi NeverStick PossiblePot, the versatile 7-quart pot that makes anything possible. This go-to pot can replace 12 cooking tools like a stock pot, Dutch oven, deep fryer, roasting pan, baking dish, braiser, strainer and more. Easily go from stovetop to oven to table, with trusted NeverStick performance that wont stick, chip or flake. PossiblePot is compatible with all cooktops for fast and even heating, oven safe up to 500 F, and can double as a serving dish, with eye-catching design and an integrated utensil that makes storing and serving easy. So many possibilities, all in one pot.


  • REPLACES 12 COOKING TOOLS: Your new 7-quart go-to pot replaces a stock pot, Dutch oven, saucepot, roasting pan, baking dish, strainer, braiser, deep fryer, spoon-ladle, serving dish, steamer, and lid.
  • STOVETOP TO OVEN: Easily go from stovetop to oven to table with a pot thats compatible with all cooktops, oven safe up to 500 F, and designed to double as a serving dish
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Built-in strainer holes on the lid work with the convenient pour spouts to easily release steam and drain liquid. The integrated utensil doubles as both a ladle and pasta fork and stores on the lid.
  • SEARS & HEATS EVENLY: Durable forged aluminum design quickly distributes and retains heat for excellent searing and perfect results every time.
  • NEVERSTICK DIFFERENCE: Ninja Foodi NeverStick PossiblePot won't stick, chip, or flake. Super-heated at 30,000 F, plasma ceramic particles are fused to the surface of the pot, creating a super-hard, textured surface that interlocks with our exclusive coating for a superior bond.


  • WHATS INCLUDED: 7-Quart PossiblePot, Integrated Stainless Steel Roasting Rack, 10.25-Inch Glass Lid, Integrated Detachable Spoon, & User/Recipe Guides.


10 Year